Love a Pet


Leo (cat)

“My favorite thing to do is watch the birds out the window. Those birds are lucky my house is full of comfy stuff from Love a Pet so I don’t even want to leave.”

Bella (dog)

“ Before Love a Pet my human bought me gifts that made me want to dig a hole under the fence and run. Now I still dig, but it’s to bury all my awesome toys! ”

Dora (fish)

“I could rave about Love a Pet until I was blue in the gills! Those other brands just seem a bit fishy to me.”

Max (dog)

“Love a Pet is the absolute best! Now if you’ll excuse me I think I heard someone drop some food on the floor.”

Sherman (turtle)

“My favorite part about shopping at Love a Pet is the speedy delivery! I’m a huge fan of things happening quickly.”

WeeBee (guinea pig)

“I don’t want to be the first to try something. Let me know it’s quality and THEN I’ll try it. Every product on here is pet tested and furparent approved so I never have to feel like a…you get the idea.”

Milhouse (cat)

“Love a Pet toys keep the dog busy, which is less time he spends chasing me around. They’re great in my book!”

Gertie (dog)

“Love a Pet? More like “Love my Master” because they buy me Love a Pet stuff, amiright?! Can I have a treat now?”