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Wolves were domesticated in Europe and kept as pets. Though this is earliest proven instance of a doggo and his pet parent, archeologists found a canine-like skull in a cave in Belgium they believe died 16,000 years earlier that could have been the first dog!

Cat domestication from five different types of wildcats began on the island of Cyprus. So cats became pets on an island in Mediterranean and honestly this explains why my cat and I get along so well. Beach vibes.

Ancient artwork from The Sumerians portray dogs wearing collars and leashes. The most famous dog accessories were born. Their fashion game was legit even way back then.

The ancient Mesopotamians were the first human society to include dogs among their gods. Now that I know this, my neighbors better start showing my pup a little more respect when we walk around the block.

Goldfish made their way to Europe as pets. They were kept in fish bowls and were a sign of wealth. And honestly I’m not surprised. If you wear gold every day you’re definitely boujie af.

Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States of America. He left his pupper Fido back home in Springfield, Illinois but was gifted two cats, Tabby and Dixie, who lived with him at the White House. He once famously said, “Dixie is smarter than my whole cabinet! And furthermore she doesn’t talk back!” He gets it.

Grumpy Cat rises to fame from a viral post on Reddit. According to her pet parents she was actually a very happy cat despite her looks. I too suffer from resting b**** face.

Doesn’t your bond with your pet make so much more sense now? You love your pets. We love our pets. That’s why you choose Love A Pet.



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Plush Cuddle Dog Bed

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